Demolition deplorable

THE decision taken by the City of Swan to support the demolition of Lynwood in Middle Swan is deplorable, but the actions of the landowners even more so, Council gives green light to demolition, Reporter, May 7.

According to the assessment report prepared for the Heritage Council of WA in 1999, it described Lynwood as being ‘in sufficiently sound condition to retain its aesthetic, historic, scientific and social values. The structure is sound with few apparent defects.’

What has happened to the dwelling since 1999? A classic case of deliberate neglect, if you ask me.

When someone owns a building or place that is registered under the Heritage Act, they own more than just land and a building.

They own an obligation to the State and the community to cherish, maintain and restore that place or building.

Eilean Donan, a castle in Scotland, originally built in the 13th century, was a ruin and is now fully restored.

It is described as the most photographed monument in Scotland. Where there is a will, there is a way.

To Messrs Aloi, I say, just because you have approval to demolish, does not mean that you have to.

If you are not clever enough to see the value in restoring a heritage building, sell the site and make way for someone who can.

Lindsay Baxter,