Disgraceful waste of money

The incompetence displayed by the Kalamunda councillors in the supervision of its senior staff is now matched by the disgraceful waste of money planned in what amounts to an $80,000 pointless, limited sample, opinion poll in the form of a ‘referendum’.

The acting Shire President seems missing in action, foisting all public comment on to the acting chief executive.

That they are spending our money seems lost on these lightweights who seem more concerned in preserving their ceremonial garb than investing in the hundreds of kilometres needed in footpaths and roads, and general maintenance.

I was in two minds to the question of amalgamation but now having had such a visible display of their waste, the time has come to apply the economies of scale and at least get someone who knows how to properly spend public money.

Bring on the merger before more of my rate money is wasted.