Editorial challenged

I TAKE exception to the editorial in last week’s Reporter headlined ‘Proposal leaves Shire in the cold’.

The comment from editor Stephen Miles that “the City’s decision to push ahead with its Bassendean merger leaves Mundaring somewhat out in the cold” is sensationalist and inaccurate.

Each local government will have equal representation on the Local Implementation Committee and will have an equal say.

The editorial is correct that the “Shire (of Mundaring) had already begun discussing its merger with Swan in good faith”.

However, the Town of Bassendean had also been in discussion with the City of Swan and both councils had publicly stated their intention to pursue a voluntary merger well before the State Government announced its preferred model.

It was after this announcement that Mundaring decided it would pursue an amalgamation with the City of Swan.

Mundaring council’s elected members were well informed and knew that Swan and Bassendean wanted to merge voluntarily.

The City’s proposal is not identical to the State Government’s; however, we have been given until October 4 to put in a submission.

This is an opportunity to say if we think there is a better option than the State Government model and we are taking this opportunity to put forward a submission.

We look forward to working with both the Shire of Mundaring and Town of Bassendean on planning for a shared future.

Charlie Zannino,

Mayor, City of Swan