Parkerville resident criticised CNG editorial on Local Government reform

AS usual, your typically lightweight, poorly researched editorial in last week’s edition on the Shire amalgamations demonstrates your ongoing support for the Barnett Government and, in fact, the Liberal Party in general.

You rely entirely on the “cold, hard facts” from the WA Treasury to support your conclusions. Do you also concur with the assessment of the average iron ore price for 2013/14 from the same so-called “authority”?

In case you had not noticed, it is now about 50 per cent higher than reality.

As a qualified accountant, I would like to see the assumptions behind the Treasury analysis that sees the Mundaring Shire financial sustainability plummet over the next three years.

I suspect that they were tailored to suit Barnett’s intention to push through the amalgamations despite his previous promise that this would not happen.

Of course, I wouldn’t expect you to mention Barnett’s broken promises.