Family’s fears regarding cleanup of landfill site in High Wycombe

IN response to the report in the December 1 edition headlined “Fears over clean up”, my family and I strongly oppose the application for remediation works of the landfill site on Lot 20 Adelaide Street and Lot 152 Talbot Road, High Wycombe.

If the application is approved it will have a massive negative impact on our lives.

The land is so contaminated how can anyone give approval to dig up this site.

The contaminated toxic earth must be removed with the utmost safety and care and with the surrounding residents’ health and environment the number one priority.

It is difficult to comprehend how this proposal can be given the green light with families living directly opposite.

My home and my young family cannot be exposed to this potentially fatal hazard.

I beg all residents of High Wycombe to protest against this proposal.