Giving vent to shopping grump

The face of the frustrated shopper.
The face of the frustrated shopper.

IT’S time for a shopping grump.

Go into any homewares, manchester or discount shop, walk through the aisles and look for an assistant.

You might find one, but she is busy with another customer.

Then when the time comes to pay, there is only one person at the counter and a waiting queue.

Another shopping grump is about tills.

The price registered there is often different to the price displayed on a ‘sale’ item.

In other words, the till register was not adjusted.

So the unwary customer pays the usual cost for the product, and not the discount price.

None of these complaints reflect on the good service of the employees.

My grump is with the managers and CEOs who could well employ extra staff and choose not to do so.

The reason given by big business is that the Australian wage is higher than overseas.

However, no mention is made of the exorbitant profits made by those self-same companies.

So the merry-go-round of job shortages continues.

J. POMMERIN, Safety Bay.