Growth menace

KALAMUNDA council is in effective denial about the widespread destructive effects on the Darling Range of a proposed draft Government Green Growth Plan for Perth and Peel to 2050 that is the reverse of what it sounds to be.

In fact, the proposal entails further clearance of a massive 90,000ha of bushland for development.

The council has not, contrary to its brief to secure and act in the local public interest, sought to engage and discover local community opinion, despite this plan being open for comment since December 2015, has evaded comment itself and offered no alternative view.

This overall draft plan squeezes out much of the remaining unique indigenous natural biodiversity from the Perth region that has been a main feature of its character, replacing it with inevitably treeless urban development to accommodate a doubling of the population.

Seven per cent of unique native vegetation in this world-renowned “biodiversity hotspot” has already been obliterated by poorly planned urban sprawl aided by a planning commission addicted to what it calls “high level” planning guidance that ignores just how that is managed at the local level.

The stated intention, after this token “green” gesture, is to reduce further environmental oversight in future planning. If that future concerns people, they can respond directly (by May 13) to the Draft Green Growth Plan by email at

The plan details are available on But for an independent assessment go to www.bushland