Home defence

The police advising that all doors should be locked at all times tells the aspiring crims they have permission to burgle any home that has not followed this direction.

I am aware the police are trying to appear to give helpful information with this advice, but all they are doing is to make people very untrusting and nervous at all times.

I believe the public should live free in our homes with our doors left wide open.

If a burglar does enter it is that person’s decision to do so, not our decision to invite them in.

I also believe that the community should act like a community and keep watch over each other’s homes as in a ‘nosey nellie’ way.

A person should not feel guilty if their home is burgled, whether they are home or not, just because they left their doors unlocked.

It is the perpetrator’s decision to enter a property that is not theirs and remove property that is owned, and has been paid for, by others.

If you do not want to have your home burgled, talk to your neighbours. A good community brings up good people, and the reverse is true too.