Ideal station

A LITTLE foresight would stop the to and fro discussions, the vandalism and graffiti damage to the old grain storage depot and turn it into a new home for the railway museum.

Not only will this be less cramped and more amenable but also an added tourist attraction to the new face of Midland.

It will provide better undercover protection to the ageing steam engines, carriages and rolling stock and allow for expansion with other acquisitions.

All that is needed is two three switching points off the existing lines already there and three new lines laid straight into the western end of the building on to the solid floor inside.

With a bit of ingenuity, construct a mezzanine floor over the entrance (possible using the old ramp outside as a walkway) and turn this into a memorabilia/cafe shop lounge.

The eastern end of the building could accommodate a railway workshop/repair area/paint shop.

The main public entrance could be through the existing gates on Elgee Road, where there is ample parking off the road.

Who knows, we may entice the Pilbara owners to release the Flying Scotsman into a new undercover show area.


High Wycombe.