Jetty facts

THE City would like to correct the article printed in the Stirling Times on May 14 with regard to North Beach jetty, Jetty extension falls short.

The article mentioned that Cr Stewart based his motion on the belief that the Department of Transport, rather than the City, would be responsible for any extension to the jetty.

While the existing jetty as it stands is the responsibility of the City of Stirling, to extend it is going into the area that is the jurisdiction of the Department of Transport.

Cr Stewart’s motion was not based on this being a belief, but rather this being a fact.

The legal and financial obligations aside, the fact remains that the jetty simply is not in a location that is suited to any extension, as the photo published demonstrates, due to it being far too exposed to wild climatic conditions and far too expensive to extend, as well as the location being too steep for disability compliance and vehicle access.

Geoff Eves,

Director of Infrastructure,

City of Stirling.