Just in time

Tyson Sarich in action. Pictures: Matt Jelonek d401704
Tyson Sarich in action. Pictures: Matt Jelonek d401704

IT’S good to see that the Shire of Kalamunda has finally gotten around to doing the kerbside collection in High Wycombe. I was starting to think that perhaps we’d be stuck with a ghetto streetscape for the rest of our lives.

The collection came just in time too. I don’t think the playground in my back yard could have taken any more junk.

It’s bursting at the seams with little ‘treasures’ my children have picked up on the way from home school over the past month or so. At last count, we had an exercise bike, a pogo stick thingy, a small flat screen television, a lamp, a cordless phone, a bookshelf, several office chairs, curtains, cushions, books and some bamboo screening.

My 10-year-old son even managed to drag home a full-sized external door; quite a feat for a boy who apparently can’t even pick up his socks from the bathroom floor.

As much fun as the ‘pimped-out’ cubby house has been, I think I would much prefer we had a more timely system of picking up the bulk collection rubbish.

When the collection did finally begin, I must say I was disappointed to see that it all just went into a dump truck ” so much for separating the green from the household waste.

It seems as though recycling and looking after the planet is not as much of a priority for our council as trying to save itself from amalgamation.


High Wycombe