Learn lesson

KALAMUNDA is a rare and beautiful township; it has a wonderful community feel that needs to be treated with care and compassion.

Unfortunately, this has been ill considered, if considered at all, by the town planners who allowed the Barber Street development.

It should stand as a warning to thecommunity to keep a much closer eye on how the town is being morphed before their very eyes.

The new development of the old Retravision building, from the artist’s impression, does have a hint of the colonial about it. However, it is still a modern interpretation with glass playing a big role in the buildings façade and as such will be another unloved pimple on the face of Kalamunda.

Where was the community consultation and why, oh why, are the communities in these “developing” townships having these monstrosities forced upon them?

I’m not against change, in fact it is how I make a living.

However, in the case of town planning surely we can prevent the architects’ egos from getting in the way and present Kalamunda with something that just quietly and sympathetically fits in.


Gooseberry Hill.