Marilyn an angel

I THOUGHT I would share with you and your readers about a divine intervention that has restored my faith in human compassion.

I was shopping at Coles in Midland and after I had paid for my shopping, I realised that I did not have enough money to get something for my son’s 21st birthday present.

So I ended taking a fair amount of my shopping back for a possible refund. A woman (I only know her as Marilyn) asked me the reason I was taking back so much foodstuff.

I did not know her from a bar of soap but she told me that she was a fellow pet lover so she ended up buying my dog and cat biscuits for me.

I do not know of many total strangers who would do that for a complete stranger.

I would just like to say a huge thank you to Marilyn. Even when I asked her for her address � so I could return the money she paid for my animals and get her a thank you card and lotto ticket � she told me not to worry about it.

She knew I had lots of issues going on with my health and I was really worried about whether I could afford to give my son a present or a barbecue for his 21st.

This one act of selfless kindness is rare nowadays. I just never expected to be the recipient of someone else’s kindness.

Again, I wish my angel Marilyn all of life’s good things and hope that one day I can see her again just to repay her kindness.

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