Planning Minister Had No Role in Kalamunda Development

THE letter in the January 26 edition headlined “Building ugly” concerning the large, three-storey building under construction in Barber Street in Kalamunda stated that the Shire of Kalamunda did not approve the building but that as Minister for Planning I overruled the shire.

This statement is completely incorrect.

I have had no role in approving the development application for the building.

I have been advised by the shire that the council considered the development in the context of the adopted Town Centre Townscape Improvement Plan, the Kalamunda Town Centre Planning and Urban Design Guidelines and other relevant planning instruments, including the local planning scheme.

I understand the shire is considering the formation of a design review panel and is reviewing its guidelines for the town centre.

I strongly support and encourage the shire in completing these actions.

Personally, I would like to see new building developments in Kalamunda to be more reflective of the existing and traditional Hills town site character.

However, it does need to be acknowledged that building design in the town since the 1970s has been greatly varied with no consistent style.

I note that the shire is considering a development application for a shop development on the site of the old police station on the corner of Mead Street and Central Road.


MP for Kalamunda,

Minister for Planning.