Opinion: What about Vietnam veterans?

Our Vietnam War veterans have been forgotten
Our Vietnam War veterans have been forgotten

I REFER to the article in the May 2 edition of the Reporter (RSL defies downturn, with rising numbers).

It may be a cynical reply but not one mention of Vietnam veterans. Why?

I emigrated from England, arrived in Australia in 1968 as a 19-year-old, on my own, and due to conscription at that time, I was enlisted to do my two years on April 22, 1969.

I faithfully served my new country with 7 RAR from 1969 to 1971.

I don’t want to repeat history, but as you are all probably aware, we were never made welcome on our arrival home.

Hence, many years later, with your article, it just reminds me of the bad taste that I have in my mouth.

Maybe mention Vietnam veterans in another article and you may have a house full.

Who knows, but it must be worth a try.