Paddocks are now estates

A chicken farm was sold and the land re-zoned to create the estate in which the protesters now live.

‘The End’ was open playing fields owned by Guildford Grammar and used for sport until sold and re-zoned for houses.

For all who are now protesting about the re-zoning of Rosehill, it is private land and has been sold and should become a housing estate, like yours.

I am a Hazelmere resident in my 80s. I support the development and I think the protesters’ claims are illogical.

This is not about concerns of aircraft noise, which is the same as South Guildford and Guildford experience.

We live where we do by choice and what we can afford.

Please let others be allowed to choose for themselves as you did.

You begrudge housing being built for those who choose to live in the area, and belittle any other opinions.

How many of the protesters actually play golf? Moreover, how many just wish to see it remain the same so they can drive through it?

Mr Kiely’s behaviour at the council meeting was a disgrace.

Name and address supplied