Residents’ choice

ROSEHILL Waters is close to the city, airport, trains, shops and amenities. Not everyone wants to live at the end of the freeways.

People are moving into the area as a personal choice, where they would like to live.

Queens Road in South Guildford is under the flight path and is having an increase in the new buildings and renovations.

South Guildford, Guildford, Ascot, Redcliffe and Cloverdale are also near flight paths. Yet, there are new buildings and long-term residents who love the close proximity to city and airport.

People are aware of aircraft traffic and make an informed choice of residence as the protesters did.

When moving into Waterhall Estate the protesters would have been aware of airport and aircraft and they still made the decision to live there.

If it is so bad, why are they living there?

Before the Rosehill Waters Estate plans, there did not seem to be concerns about noise from aircraft.

Waterhall has had a huge increase in new buildings, down to the freight line. Why was there not an outcry of concern about noise then?

After all, Rosehill Waters is on the boundary of Waterhall, just a fence dividing it.