Save Guildford

I AM seriously concerned about the thoughtless destruction of Guildford as a relatively unspoilt historic heritage village, by permitting the construction of modern multi-storey buildings.

Guildford is unique to WA and should be preserved as an important tourist destination and the gateway to the Swan Valley.

The recent approvals to erect a multi-storey apartment building behind the Guildford Hotel, and another one in Terrace Road, will seriously erode the historic feel, and its tourist potential.

Even worse, what development will be permitted in James Street, on the location of the Ross’s Discount Home Centre, for which I believe an application has been made for a high-rise apartment building.

I believe the application was rejected by the City of Swan, but who knows what will happen when the application is placed with the Department of Planning.

Guildford must be preserved as a heritage village to attract tourists and other visitors.

Preserved heritage villages exist in other Australian States, for example Hahndorf in South Australia, and Port Fairy in Victoria.

High-rise buildings are quite acceptable in nearby suburbs such as Bassendean and Midland, but please not in Guildford.


South Guildford.