Those were the days. Opinion

IT is an amusing debate regarding Kalamunda’s Folly. I sometimes wonder if it is the same Australia at times.

So, 40 years ago Chris Oxberry, whose letter was published in the October 13 edition, came to town. 1975: the population then was 7000, growing to 11,000 overnight.

They must have come from Bangalow. It is now 30,000 on the top of the hill and another 30,000 or so down Forrestfield, High Wycombe way.

Yes like York or Guildford, the pastiche of nostalgia is just that. Kalamunda did retain its better buildings from the past i.e. the hotel, the station and some grand old houses sprinkled around the place.

But hey, great news regarding Friday night markets in the spring. Lets hope they become every Friday night.

And yes that new building: gee, wish they were studio apartments. Are they?

In addition, I cannot wait for food vendors on top of Coles car park with gigantic pot plants (azaleas and bamboo and so forth).

Oh and yes, I have fond memories of that olden-day Kalamunda of the bags of pollard, chaff behind Thompson’s grocery store and that delightful smell of dog pee on the lamp posts in Haynes Street.

Ah, those were the days. But then, the population was only 200-odd in Gooseberry Hill.

ROBERT WOOD, Helena Valley.