Town’s folly: Kalmunda commercial area. Opinion

TONGUES are wagging and Kalamunda residents are not happy.


The latest blight on the commercial area of Kalamunda, a monstrous edifice that, apart from being unsympathetic in style, seems far too towering for the land apportioned to it.

Since arriving in Kalamunda nearly 40 years ago I have seen a number of changes, some very ill advised.

Recently I visited Bangalow, which is a small town half-an-hour’s drive from Byron Bay. There the old buildings have been sympathetically renovated so that the whole town has an historic feel to it.

The result is that people flock there. Restaurants, cafes and shops all seem to be thriving.

Attractive and interesting, the place brings hordes of tourists.

Kalamunda could have been just such a place. Instead, I have already heard of one regular visitor from a central Perth suburb who has decided that if Kalamunda is going to have buildings like this new one then perhaps the monthly market isn’t enough to attract him anymore.

Please do not let’s allow this folly to continue.