Kalamunda Development an Ugly Block of Concrete

ANYONE notice the ugly building in Barbary Street in Kalamunda that is a large block of concrete with no architectural merit at all?

The building is inappropriate and way out of scale for Kalamunda where no building should be over two storeys.

The street view is bad enough but from the veranda of the building behind, it is even worse.

I understand the Shire of Kalamunda did not approve the building, but the local MP and State Planning Minister John Day overruled it.

Please, please do not approve such buildings for Kalamunda any more.

We should be able to maintain the village that Kalamunda has been for so many years.

That some of it requires rejuvenation is undeniable but we should not be at the will of owner/developers with a lot of money and grandiose ideas of penthouse accommodation.

There is also the multi-storeyed accommodation on Stirk and School streets. Perhaps this is not down to Mr Day but the design is very ordinary; the only redeeming feature is the large stone skink at the gate.

Mr Day, this is not Kalamunda. Speak to the people on the street and they will tell you that this building is an aberration in Kalamunda and they do not like it.

If you continue to approve such buildings then they may take action at the election, as my vote is one you will not get.

I do not write this as a newcomer but as a resident of 55 years living in the district.