Veteran’s rough rides

I AM an Army veteran and am totally and permanently incapacitated. I rely on a scooter for my ability to be mobile as best as possible.

I back up the sentiments of Pat Ward in last week’s Reporter regarding bumpy paths. I recently had to upgrade my scooter in an attempt to defeat the bumps, holes and general unevenness of paths and road verges in the shires of Swan and Mundaring.

The pathways are treacherous to say the least, in particular where paths cross roads, the railway crossing on Morrison Road Swan View/Midvale and at the major intersections. For example, on Morrison Road, to press the pedestrian button you almost have put your scooter on the road to be able to reach the buttons.

Almost every intersection is the same and the rubber slip mats imbedded on the pedestrian walkway have eroded and peeled.

On arrival at Midland Gate, I need to run a dangerous gauntlet from The Crescent to all of the entrances to the shopping centre.

I appreciate that we live in an ageing area but there has not been any recent surveying of paths to support the handicapped and growing numbers of scooter users, especially where tree stumps have grown and caused unevenness and breakage.

Our pathways are in disrepair and as more and more handicapped turn to scooters for mobility, the shires need to step up to the plate and address the poor condition of our verge ways.