Wake-up call

WITH the recent retirement of Judi Moylan, Federal MP for Pearce, it is time for Pearce and its constituents to awaken from their political slumber.

For the past 20 years, we have been lucky to have a member who was transparent, determined and as compassionate as Judi Moylan.

It indeed made my initiation into voting and politics easy.

But this election Pearce faces a great challenge and may have more of an impact than political advisers predict.

We are part of a media cycle that personalises politics and creates a democratic view, like that in the United States, in which we are voting for a leader rather than a party.

The main parties have not helped themselves by moving away from their core values over the past few terms, and responding to opposing jibes and media rating rather than getting on with business.

We need to focus more on what parties stand for rather than who their leaders are. Yet this doesn’t mean we should take the personality entirely out of our vote.

We need to vote for our MPs based on their personal morals and values in combination with the party flag they hold.

That is why I ask my fellow constituents to be careful this election when voting in Pearce.

It is time for us to wake up, do some research and vote well if we want to keep our homes healthy and our politicians accountable.

Marc Waugh,

5, Weston View, Swan View