Samantha ices the opposition

Sammy won a gold Slalom medal and silver Skier Cross medal at Mt Hotham, Victoria. .

Marwood said she was ecstatic at winning and most proud of her gold medal.

‘I was absolutely so excited,’ she said.

‘I swear I could’ve just jumped out of my skin and jumped around, I was so happy.’

Her passion for the sport began aged two, after a family visit to Falls Creek, Victoria.

‘My parents visited Falls Creek once and they loved it so we just started going there,’ Marwood said.

‘I started when I was two, just after I could walk.

‘I love it, it’s just so fun and the adrenalin rush that you get from it is amazing,’

To prepare her for the competition, Marwood trained in Falls Creek during Term 3 of school.

‘I’d get up at 7am and be off to the slopes by 8, train until 1 and then I’d have school until 5,’ Marwood said.

Over the summer school holidays, Marwood will be snow training in Austria to bring her closer to her Olympic aspirations.