Depths of despair to glowing success

Vicky Murgatroyd, of Ridgewood.
Picture: Martin Kennealey                  d448897
Vicky Murgatroyd, of Ridgewood. Picture: Martin Kennealey               d448897

The Ridgewood resident is running her Life Empowerment Project and ‘master your emotions’ online program to encourage entrepreneurship in others.

“Just after my mum died after a very brave battle with cancer, I found my partner cheating on me, and in all that emotion, I spiralled downward and really lost myself,” she said.

“It’s no excuse for getting into drugs but I do believe the situation is why it got so bad; I really didn’t think I had anything to offer or anything to live for.

“I was really stuck in this space and struggled to see any way out of what I’d got myself into.

“Women in that position aren’t aware of how much their life can improve; they believe this is the ‘hand they’ve been dealt’, so they give up on themselves before they’ve even tried.

“With self-belief like that, even the greatest potential just fades away, but everyone, deep down, longs for more: more fulfilment, more enjoyment and more contribution to their community.

“Across Perth’s northern suburbs, there are hundreds of entrepreneurial women who have got to where they are through less-than-ideal circumstances.

“And there are thousands who aren’t pursuing their success or entrepreneurism because they don’t feel their circumstances are right.

“I used to be the latter, now I’m the former, and now I help other women make the most of themselves and the world of entrepreneurism by completely transforming the way they look at themselves and what they have to offer.

“I started Life Empowerment Project as a way of getting that message out there to women, who are in the entrepreneurial space already or wanting to break into it.

“I get to see women go from being at breaking point, to waking up with purpose, energy, direction and knowing that there are no glass ceilings whatsoever that they can’t smash through.”

Ms Murgatroyd is running a free seven-day take your life back challenge at|