Pair open old-style diner in Yanchep

Ian Bickle and Sarah Kermode. Picture: Emma Reeves d413921
Ian Bickle and Sarah Kermode. Picture: Emma Reeves d413921

Ian Bickle, who was born in Canada, and Sarah Kermode, originally from New South Wales, moved to Yanchep a year ago and last month opened a cafe.

Mr Bickle said they named it Bib’s Tuck Shop after their nine-month-old dog Bib and tried to create a different atmosphere and menu to existing venues.

‘We have tried to break the mould a bit, give a bit of what you can find in the city,’ he said.

‘We have tried to create an old diner feel with having stools at the bar where you can sit and have a chat with me and watch me cook. Everything is made in house ” it’s all very fresh.

‘We are trying to do as much locally driven product as possible.’

The chef said they had both always worked in hospitality, and opening a cafe was something they had always wanted to do.

‘We have been together for five years this year ” we always talked about our own restaurant from early on,’ he said.

‘I’ve been a chef for almost 11 years.’

Mr Bickle said they followed relatives who moved to Yanchep and loved living by the beach rather than in a city unit.

‘Yanchep is beautiful and it’s just growing so much,’ he said.

‘It’s quite a sleepy little town but we can’t go to Woolies without seeing someone who’s been to the cafe.’