Quinns Rocks musician Ray Ryder releases second EP Lay A Kiss on Me

Ray Ryder.
Ray Ryder.

QUINNS Rocks musician Ray Ryder brought out party tunes on his latest EP, Lay A Kiss On You.

The southern country rock artist wants listeners to use the EP, out last month, as a soundtrack to good times.

The release is a follow-up to Take Myself Back, released in May.

“The songs on the EP are party songs, with an edge,” Ryder said.

“It’s up-tempo; it’s not going to make you want to cry or dwell, but just make you feel good.”

The singer said the title track was a “damn good party song”.

“When we play it live, I encourage the audience to come on stage and spread the love by kissing one of the band members and the crowd loves getting involved,” he said.

The four tracks include the country-laden Take What You Can, a song about a vixen lady who uses her charm to get what she wants.

“Crowds get into this song and sing the lyrics back to me,” he said.

“Everyone knows it’s all in good fun and I’m not having a go at anyone; it’s just feel-good tongue-in-cheek stuff.”

However, Shakedown is based on a true story from one of his former band members whose son was arrested and sent back to New Zealand.

“This one is a meaningful song with attitude and I wanted to include this one because as an artist, you need a bit of both – songs that are completely for fun, and those with true stories behind them,” Ryder said.

He was inspired to write the final track, Send You Back Home, after watching the television show, Nashville.

“It has a bluesy rocky feel and is more a listening song than a live song,” he said.

Lay A Kiss On You is available from digital retailers and www.rayryder.com.au .