Yanchep artist finds inspiration for latest works in South Guildford brick factory

Warrick Palmateer at the Brikmakers’ factory in South Guildford. Picture: acorn photo.
Warrick Palmateer at the Brikmakers’ factory in South Guildford. Picture: acorn photo.

YANCHEP artist and teacher Warrick Palmateer has found inspiration for his art in a brick factory.

Inspired by the textures and tones of the WA coast, particularly the bleached limestone at Yanchep Beach, Palmateer travelled to a hotter and drier place in Perth to create his latest artworks.

He worked with the massive commercial firing kilns at Brikmakers’ factory in South Guildford to create more than a dozen massive vessels shaped as giant pods, which will go on show at John Curtin Gallery this Friday.

“We were intrigued when Warrick approached us to use our facilities and materials but we quickly found his enthusiasm was contagious,” Brikmakers general manager Vince Scarvaci said.

“The vessels are made of the same clay body as Brikmakers’ typical brick range and Warrick worked with our team, within normal operating constraints, to create the inspiring, artistic pieces of pottery.”

Contrast of form and function fashioned from the same core materials: Mr Palmateer’s artwork at Brikmakers’ South Guildford factory. Picture: acorn photo.

Palmateer, who works at Prendiville Catholic College, took mouldings and casting of textures from the local environment, such as rocks, fossils and shells, and incorporated them into the artwork surfaces, which he constructed from brick clay.

“The textures from the Brikmakers brick clay suited the work and it was a nice medium to work with,” he said.

“I was blown away by the technical processes of brick making and the science involved has opened new opportunities and ideas.

“It’s a catalyst for new work.

“These artworks demonstrate that art is about creativity, and science can make it possible.”

His artworks will be on display as part of the Confluence exhibition at the John Curtin Gallery in Bentley from September 28 to December 2.