A decade of smooth waters at school

The school has been part of the Water Corporation�s waterwise schools program for 10 years, with students taught about the need to value, protect and conserve water resources.

The utility�s customer and community group general manager Catherine Ferrari praised the school�s dedication.

�Students are the water users of the future, so it�s important to continue to educate students about the value of water in our drying climate,� she said.

Principal Barbara Bromley and waterwise co-ordinator Lisa Turner ran the program, the former saying they encouraged students, staff and community members to create and establish an environmentally sustainable workplace.

�We see it as important that we, as a school, are not using more resources than required to deliver teaching programs, activities and services,� Ms Bromley said.

�We take pride in continuing our sustainable operations in the future. After all � it�s about protecting our children�s present and future environment.

�Thanks to the waterwise program our students have increased their awareness about the need to save water.�