Answer is to have more police

Butler MLA John Quigley told the Times very few burglaries were classed as aggravated burglaries that involved serious assault.

He said the proposed laws, which he would not oppose in Parliament, would not reach many of the offenders.

Making reference to 2012 figures supplied by the state government, Mr Quigley said there were 27,000 burglaries in WA, with 1800 of those in his electorate, but the rate of arrests was low.

‘The apprehension rate for crime has fallen from 22 per cent to 8.3 per cent in the metropolitan area,’ he said.

‘This means that less than one in 10 offenders in Butler are being apprehended.’

Mr Quigley said Clarkson should have a 24-hour a day open police hub and 15 to 20 extra police.

‘Extra police is the only answer,’ he said.

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