Arrested man also sought in Queensland

Clarkson Detectives Senior Sergeant Gary Saunders said there was ‘a quite serious home invasion’ in Mindarie on July 16, when a man allegedly broke into the house in the early hours of the morning.

Sgt Saunders alleged he was stealing from the house when confronted by the occupant.

‘The offender produced a pair of scissors and told the victim that he was going to slit his throat,’ he claimed.

Sgt Saunders said the 28-year-old man allegedly stole a car from the Shoreham Turn property, which was then involved in a crash on Mitchell Freeway before it was abandoned in Joondalup.

He claimed the man provided a false name when police first interviewed him, but he was identified through fingerprints.

‘He was wanted by Queensland police ” he was a Queensland person that had only been in WA about six weeks,’ the detective said.

‘We charged him with aggravated burglary and commit offence, and stealing, aggravated armed robbery, stealing a motor vehicle.’

Sgt Saunders said charges also including bringing stolen property into WA, three counts of fraud, stealing, receiving stolen property, providing false details and not having a driver’s licence.

He said there could be further charges pending the investigation into the crash.

‘After the completion of our inquiries, Queensland Police will seek his extradition,’ Sgt Saunders said.