Beach warning delay

Councillors unanimously supported a recommendation last month to note the 1247-signature petition submitted in May, requesting a local beach policy, and installation of ‘no swimming’ and ‘danger’ signs at designated beaches.

The recommendation also said the development of a local beach policy would be considered once the first and second audit reports were reviewed.

Petition organiser and Mindarie resident Helen Randall, who started the petition after two people died at Claytons Beach earlier this year, told the Times she hoped the City would install warning signs about permanent rips before September.

‘I want to see some sort of warning of those two rips there,’ she said. ‘I would be very disappointed if we don’t have proper signs. It’s not a beach for swimming ” we don’t want to see anybody else drown.

‘Waiting for audits can take months or years to prepare; we simply don’t have the time ” those signs need to go up before this summer.’