Bigger dog beach under consideration

At the July 23 council meeting, elected members unanimously supported a recommendation to consult the public on a potential southern extension, in response to a 500-signature petition from residents.

The Two Rocks Yanchep Residents Association submitted the petition in April, and at its meeting on July 22, secretary Lorraine Jackson said she received a lengthy email from the City explaining issues with the signage that suggested the dog exercise area was 1km long.

Mrs Jackson said it clarified that the current dog beach was actually 410m long and the City was correcting signs at either end.

‘They are looking at extending the dog beach south not north ” that’s based on the access way,’ she said.

In addition, she was told the City would also investigate provision of doggy poo bags.

According to the report to council, administration did not think a 250m northern extension sought by petitioners was appropriate as it would encroach on Fisherman’s Hollow and the nearest access would be beside Yanchep Lagoon.

‘Despite the dog beach not extending as far as this access way, this access way may be utilised by the community to access the dog beach,’ the report said.

‘There are currently two existing access ways to the south of the existing dog beach.

‘Should the dog beach be extended southwest, its southern boundary should align with one of these existing access ways.’

One access way is 215m south of the existing boundary, adjacent to a 17-bay car park on Compass Circle, and the other is 340m south on Compass Circle but does not have any parking.

The proposal will go out for public consultation for at least 28 days before the results are presented to the council.