120 Members in WA: Military Motorcycle Club

Shane Kempton and Rick Green with members of the Military Brotherhood Military Motorcycle Club.
Shane Kempton and Rick Green with members of the Military Brotherhood Military Motorcycle Club.

THE northern suburbs branch of the Military Motorcycle Club recently changed its base.

The Military Brotherhood MMC formed in 2013 and originally met in Quinns Rock, but this month members rode to Ocean Reef instead.

Founding president Shane Kempton said the club had about 120 members across WA, including current Australian Defence Force personnel, former service people, members from other Commonwealth forces and civilian supporters.

“We have members from all walks of life – current serving personnel, train drivers, retired people, accountants, construction workers, brokers, real estate agents and veterans,” he said.

“All are here to create a safe haven for our veterans, to assist those who have served our country.

“People are attached to our club because of structure, leadership, mission and values.

“Some join us for assistance, other to assist those who need it.

“One way we assist members is to get them to assist other veterans.

“This gives them a sense of purpose and provides a focus on something other than their troubling past experiences.

“The other obvious way we assist is riding our motorcycles together in strict formation (like how we used to march), but as free men and women.

“The open roads represent the freedom these men and women fought for.

“And when we stop and have a coffee break, those conversations between two veterans creates that sense of belonging and mateship they are used to.”

Ocean Reef RSL president Rick Green said the northern branch’s 45 members transferred in early June to join the veterans’ sub-branch.

“The members are all members of the RSL,” he said.

“I feel that these guys are labelled as bikies, not bikers, and that they have a cause and donate money to a charity every time they ride.

“They visit remote country RSLs as well as playing a big part in fundraising, such as our charity ride for mental health.”

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