Career goals the focus for young people with mental illlness in Merriwa and Yanchep

A TRIAL initiative to help young people with mental illness get jobs will be available in Merriwa and Yanchep.

People aged 24 and under participating in the Disability Employment Services (DES) program could get help through Options Employment in Merriwa or Job Futures in Yanchep.

Pearce MHR Christian Porter said the Federal Government initiative aimed to improve the independence and participation of young people with mental illness who have been locked-out of the job market.

“This initiative will connect young people with mental illness with a DES service provider to discuss their career goals and how best to meet them,” he said.

“Importantly, this model integrates employment and vocational support with clinical mental health and non-vocational support, focusing on the individual needs of people with mental illness who are seeking to remain in education or employment.”

Trial participants can use a $5000 ‘career account’ to invest in goods and services such as counselling, training, transport, paid work experience or clothing and equipment, to help them overcome non-vocational or vocational barriers and further their employment goals.

“Like all Australians, young people with mental illness want to work and earn a salary that is fair and reflects their skills and aspirations,” Mr Porter said.

“This trial is based on evidence that early investment and individually tailored initiatives can help reduce the risk of young people disengaging from education or employment and becoming reliant on long-term income support.”