Carpark, playground closed due to concerns for public safety

Infrastructure director Dennis Blair said they closed the carpark on September 13 because storms and aggressive coastal conditions had caused severe erosion.

‘Access to Fred Stubbs Park and the playground were also closed due to the erosion, with playground equipment removed on September 24 to prevent it subsiding into the ocean,’ he said.

‘Quinns Beach has experienced severe erosion during September in a 300m section south of groyne 1. ‘During recent storms, 10m to 12m of sand dunes in this section have been eroded.’

Mr Blair said they appointed coastal engineering consultants last week to undertake a beach survey and develop a proposal with short term options for emergency coastal protection works.

‘A meeting has also been arranged with the Department of Transport’s coastal engineers in October to discuss long term coastal management options,’ he said

‘We are aware of the community’s concern with the closures but would like to ensure all our residents and visitors to the area are safe at all times.’

He said the City would continue to monitor the sites, and both the carpark and Fred Stubbs Park would remain closed until it was safe to reopen. 

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