CEO may visit UK plants

Brian Callander is taking annual leave to catch up with his family and the visit is seen in a council report as ‘an opportunity to inspect waste-to-energy plants’.

‘The WA Waste Authority’s objective to plan for infrastructure solutions in the metropolitan area to meet diversion from landfill targets has resulted in significant interest from international and local companies to provide waste-to-energy solutions in WA,’ the report said.

‘These targets were considered when the MRC developed its strategic plan, where construction of an alternative waste treatment plant is planned for 2020.

‘The CEO’s visit to Scotland provides a cost effective opportunity to visit plants in England to obtain first-hand knowledge and information on the operations of these type of plants.’

International companies SITA and the Martin Group have plants in England and have indicated a willingness to welcome Mr Callander.

The visit to the plants would be for the week after his annual leave in Scotland from May 5 to 23. The England plant tour would cost about $4000, including $2100 for seven days of car hire, $1500 for six nights accommodation and $450 for expenses.

He would provide a report on his findings and the differences between combustion and gasification processes.

The council, which manages waste for local governments Wanneroo, Joondalup, Perth, Vincent, Stirling, Cambridge and Victoria park, will meet on April 24.