Change on cards for local council

The council currently has two vacant seats, one in the South ward where 11 candidates have nominated for three positions, and the other in the Coastal ward.

The latter was vacated by Ian Goodenough when he was elected to the federal seat of Moore last month, and five people are vying for two positions in that ward.

There are another five candidates for two Central ward seats and two people vying for the one seat in the North ward.

Returning officer Jim Kelly said yesterday voter turnout had been 23 per cent of the 93,906 eligible voters so far.

‘Voter packages were delivered to Australia Post on Friday, September 27,’ he said.

‘They were delivered to the letter boxes, because of the public holiday, on October 1 or 2.’

Mr Kelly said this year’s turnout was likely to exceed the 2011 election, when the average turnout across all wards and the mayoral position was 24.6 per cent.

He said the turnout was similar for the 2007 results, at 24.3 per cent, when there was also a mayoral vote, but unusually it was higher in 2009 when turnout was 28 per cent.

‘The mayoral election creates a greater level of interest usually,’ Mr Kelly said.

Wanneroo will hold its swearing-in ceremony on Monday, then a special council meeting on October 26 to elect the deputy mayor and councillors to committees.

The council has also changed the date for its annual general meeting of electors from December 3 to February 4.