City boats plan for lakes

A PROPOSAL for boats on lakes in Butler is being ‘pedalled’ at the City of Wanneroo.

The council agreed on December 8 to invite expressions of interest for a boat hire business at the Brampton Park lakes on Kingsbridge Boulevard.

The city advertised last week, inviting people interested in setting up recreational boating activities on the artificial lakes to make submissions by January 18.

Resident Rob Pitchford gave a deputation before the council meeting, saying he had first contacted the city with the idea of a pedalo or watercraft business two years ago, then submitted an application in May 2014.

“The three ornamental lakes on Kingsbridge Boulevard, Butler, attract many visitors,” he said.

“We see a fantastic opportunity for people of all ages to further enjoy the parks’ amenities (and) get exercise by pedalling around the lake.”

Asked about ways to store the boats other than mooring them in the middle of the lake, Mr Pitchford said they would be locked there at night and the water was about 5m deep.

He said leaving the boats on the water would minimise the need for vehicles going to the lake and damage its edge.

The city called for expression of interest submissions for a minimum five-year lease, with information included about business plans, installing and maintaining equipment, storage, intended trading days and times, and safety equipment.

Visit www.wanneroo.wa. for more information.

Another Butler resident, Peter Smethurst, contacted the Times with concerns about the environmental impact of the boats and consultation with the wider community.