City of Wanneroo adopts new complaints process

City of Wanneroo adopts new complaints process

CITY of Wanneroo has adopted a process to handle complaints against elected members in relation to its code of conduct.

The process requires people who believe an elected member has contravened the code to send a written complaint to the chief executive.

The chief executive has to inform the mayor as soon as a complaint is received, or report to the council if the complaint is about the mayor.

The City will send acknowledgement of the complaint to the complainant, and advise the elected member who the complaint relates to.

The procedure then requires the chief executive to determine whether to ask both parties to participate in informal dispute resolution with a mediation service, and advise all parties if reconciliation is reached.

If not, the matter will be investigated by an external agency to determine whether a breach has occurred and the chief executive will provide a report to the council.

“The City may refuse to deal with a complaint if the external investigating agency advises that it is satisfied that the complaint is frivolous, vexatious, misconceived or without substance,” the August report said.

“The report is to be presented to the council as a confidential report and the elected member the subject of the complaint will be informed of the date of the council meeting at which the matter will be considered.

“Complaints are to be kept confidential by all parties until the matter is resolved or as otherwise determined by the council.

“Possible sanctions council may impose for a breach will be in accordance with the code of conduct.”