City of Wanneroo has plan for Quinns Rocks coast

City of Wanneroo has plan for Quinns Rocks coast

THE preferred long-term solution to coastal management in Quinns Rocks would involve modifying groynes, adding another to the north and adding more sand.

A report on the City of Wanneroo’s August 16 council meeting agenda recommends councillors approve the $5.4 million option, noting there would be a budget shortfall of $1.6 million.

It said the City received 545 responses to a community survey on two preferred options undertaken earlier this year.

The second option was to relocate the carpark to south of Fred Stubbs Park and add a fourth groyne; about 51.7 per cent of respondents preferred that option.

“The two preferred long-term coastal management options received a mixed response, with local community support divided almost evenly,” the report said.

“However, the respondents who supported option one felt very strongly about the issue, as can be seen in the community comments.”

The report also said the Department of Transport supported relocating the carpark.

It said people who supported the first option asked for upgrades to the carpark and toilet block.

Those objecting to option two were concerned about the loss of vegetation for a new carpark and a lack of protection at the old site.

“Additional measures such as a buried seawall beneath the rehabilitated sand dune at the existing carpark location may increase the confidence in the protection of public and private assets,” it said.

“However, this comes with an additional capital cost of approximately $1.6 million.”

The report included details of option two, listing the total cost at $5.3 million and said both options could be effective at coastal protection.

Councillors will consider the report and another on its coastal planning policy at the Wanneroo Civic Centre from 7pm on August 16.