City rejects request for bigger than usual changeroom

A report, due to be considered by councillors on March 1, outlines discussions with clubs for the future facilities.

The recommendation does not support a request from Yanchep Red Hawks Football Club to include a removable wall between two changerooms to create a 90sqm space.

“According to the WA Football Commission guidelines, the minimum requirements for a senior club are two change rooms measuring 25sqm each,” the report to the council said. “Currently, the design caters for six change rooms, each measuring 45sqm.”

The report said the club’s request would mean the changeroom would be almost four times the size the minimum requirement, and so it was not supported.

“If the multi-purpose room were to increase to a total of 200sqm, the overall footprint of the building would need to increase by about 90sqm,” it said.

“This would represent a large increase in the scope of the project, and would ultimately increase the budget and extend the timeframe for completion.”

It said the club also requested a 200sqm multi-purpose space, but that would be an overprovision.

Instead, staff recommended expanding the multi-purpose space from 100sqm to 150sqm through a function room and a meeting room with a concertina door.

The plans include six change rooms with toilets and showers, an umpires change room, six store rooms, a First Aid room, kiosk, function room, meeting room, lobby, toilet block and verandah.