City to keep pushing for alternative traffic phasing

At its March 31 meeting, the council noted Main Roads had approved proposed traffic signals on a two-phase turning arrangement for the Marmion Avenue, Lagoon Drive and Peony Boulevard intersection.

Councillors requested the City seek extra phases for the site, next to the Yanchep Central Shopping Centre, separating right-turning vehicle movements from each other and incorporating pedestrian phases, when the signals are commissioned in June.

Stage one of the proposed works include a left-turn lane in Lagoon Drive, new pedestrian crossing points, a street lighting upgrade, as well as traffic signals to improve vehicle movement and safer pedestrian crossings.

Funding for stage two works are proposed for council consideration in the 2015-16 capital works budget and include an upgrade of the existing auxiliary turn lanes and pedestrian paths connecting existing bus stops on Marmion Avenue.

A report to Council said Main Roads told the City that a two-phase traffic signal was �common practice in the State�.