Clarkson: Dancehall Burn Up classes to be hosted by Queen Moiika

Queen Moiika.
Queen Moiika.

A CLARKSON dancehall class will have an international guest this week, with US-based Queen Moiika delivering a workshop on October 12.

Carolyn Williams runs adult beginner Dancehall Burn Up classes at Da Beat Dance Studio in Clarkson.

“It is a style of street dance originating in Jamaica,” she said.

“Many hip hop moves come from dancehall.

“There is a current rise in the popularity of dancehall since some artists (Rihanna, Drake, Justin Bieber) have used dancehall beats in some of their hit singles.

“Simple, repetitive steps that are created in Jamaica are assigned names (eg. Bogle, Signal Di Plane, Breadfruit, etc) are spread worldwide, and used by dancehall dancers at clubs, parties and on the streets.

“The repetitive moves are easy to learn and fun to do in a group or on your own.

“The vast majority of dancehall step creators in Jamaica are male, but it is a universal style that can be danced by anyone.

“Dancehall Burn Up is dedicated to using authentic moves from the old school, middle school and new school of dancehall, giving the creators of the steps recognition and respect.”

Williams said Moiika would deliver an exclusive workshop during the weekly class this Wednesday from 7.45pm, which costs $20 per participant.

There will also be a free session at the Healthy living Expo at Hillary’s Boat Harbour on October 15 from 11am to noon.

Call 0403 760 313 to register for Moiika’s workshop or visit for more information.