Closure to take effect

Closure to take effect

Assets director Harminder Singh said the City had been working with landowners to place barriers and signage at key locations before the January 15 closure.

“The City will provide signage and large concrete liners across the existing main entrance point onto Dewars Track at the corner of Damepattie Drive and Sovereign Drive,” he said.

“Limestone boulders will also be used if necessary to make the closure effective.

“Rangers will patrol the streets adjoining the Dewars Track entrance to ensure compliance.

“Patrols will increase to coincide with the closure.”

Mr Singh said rangers had been talking to people about the closure and the safety and risk reasons that had prompted the council decision last month.

“Coastal rangers focused on illegal use of the track, educating drivers about the imminent closure and the safety reasons,” he said.

“Rangers carried out beach patrols on quad bikes and gathered data on the number of vehicles using the track.

“They have patrolled Dewars Track and surrounding land and beaches three days a week since December 18 when the summer coastal ranger patrols were implemented.

“There were no reported issues on Dewars Track over the Christmas/New Year break owing to user acceptance and co-operation with rangers; however the volume of traffic through this period has further deteriorated the track.”

Mr Singh said the City issued one infringement for illegally driving on the beach over the festive season, crediting the low number to increased community awareness.

“The community has been informed through media releases submitted to local outlets and published online and in social media,” he said.

“Mayor Tracey Roberts has been interviewed on radio and television about the closure and the City also wrote to residents and businesses in the area.

“The education campaign run by rangers will continue over the next few months. Infringements will be issued if people do the wrong thing – drivers were fined for parking unsafely and breaking other related local laws.”