Council SAT policy to open for public comment

Councillors unanimously agreed to advertise the draft policy at their April 28 Wanneroo City Council meeting.

The report said it aimed for �transparent, impartial and consistent decision-making� for SAT reviews.

Cr Brett Treby said the policy would guide administration through the SAT process, and it was appropriate for council to �provide reasonable guidance� to staff.

�SAT has the potential to play a significant part in decisions made by the council. It will also allow the community to understand the processes involved and the decision making that we have,� Cr Sabine Winton said.

The draft policy said the City would employ independent planning representation when the council decision was opposite to the staff recommendation.

Cr Dianne Guise said it was important for the City to get independent legal advice in some SAT cases.

�It was clear from a risk management consideration that we needed to address this,� she said.

�Where council went against the advice of administration, how could they then turn around and advise us? This is something that will be of great benefit to us.�