Detective team expands

WA Police Metropolitan commander Paul Steel said under a new policing model, there would be four metropolitan districts and the north west district would have 550 officers.

‘Each district will have separate response teams, local policing teams and investigations (detectives) all co-ordinated through a 24/7 District Control Centre,’ Cdr Steel said.

‘Response teams will be there to respond to calls from the public for assistance; local policing teams will concentrate on local issues in the suburbs and serious crime matters will continue to be investigated by detectives.

‘Clarkson detectives are achieving positive outcomes across the North West District and it is expected these officers will continue their good work in the community under the new model.

‘They will be working from the combined detectives team at Joondalup which will also work closely with local policing teams investigating, preventing and deterring crime.’

Under the restructure, the current north west district, which covers the cities of Joondalup and Wanneroo, will combine with the west district by the end of this year.

Cdr Steel said police successfully trialled the model in the south-east district from November to May.

The Clarkson detectives unit was created in 2012 following a community campaign for increased police resources.

During construction of a $600,000 extension to the Clarkson police station, the unit was based in Joondalup until late last year.

Cdr Steel said the detectives would be returning to the Joondalup Police Complex.

‘The move cannot occur until around December,’ Cdr Steel said.

‘Until local police can occupy the extended Clarkson building, the existing detectives will continue to operate in their current structure,’ Cdr Steel said.

‘Local police teams will then occupy the Clarkson building working with district detectives investigating many of the offences previously dealt with by the detectives and addressing local issues.’

Cdr Steel said the policing model would improve police interaction and service to the community, assigning individual suburbs, victims and offenders to local policing teams.