Dung beetle colony gets down to work

Dung beetles at work.
Dung beetles at work.

Cattle farmers Guy and Diane Edgar received a ventilated express parcel of the beetles, which they released on their property on June 4.

‘A colony of 1030 winter-active dung beetles was released on the cattle grazing property under the direction of the dung beetle expert John Feeham,’ Mr Edgar said.

‘The species new to the area is B. Bison, a winter-active dung beetle that, when established, will help to bury dung left unburied by the existing but dormant summer-active species.

‘The benefits are many, including improved soil health, eventual reduced fertiliser application and reduced breeding material available to flies in the spring and early summer.’

Mr Edgar said they believed it was the first release in their part of the Shire of Gingin and they hoped, once established, the colony would spread to other cattle properties in future years.