Erosion, wheelchair access on agenda

TRYRA vice-chairwoman Debbie Lanario said a second workshop on the surf club, held in early July, focused on coastal erosion, looking at the present-day situation and predicted erosion in 2070 and 2110.

‘They can predict what the cost will be to maintain it, or build something that will last that amount of time,’ she said.

Ms Lanario said examples of dune erosion were shown, and that caused by storm water, as well as the seasonal erosion.

They also discussed the possibility of installing matting for a disabled access path from the ramp to the water, and CCTV to monitor erosion and protect the building from vandalism.

Secretary Lorraine Jackson said grants may be available for the matting, and decisions would need to be made as to who would be responsible for maintaining the matting and storing a beach wheelchair.

The surf club and public amenities building, due to open in 2016, would replace the existing surf club and be located closer to the beach, where Brazier Road used to run.

It is part of the City of Wanneroo’s Yanchep Lagoon redevelopment project, which includes works to realign the northern section of Brazier Road.