Experience eye-opening

Student nurse Holly Guy talks to a patient.
Student nurse Holly Guy talks to a patient.

The REACH program provides clinical placement opportunities to enrolled and registered student nurses while giving the community an alternative to visiting a GP or attending a hospital emergency department.

The roaming clinics, known as REACH wellness centres, operate one day a week from three locations ” St Bartholomew’s House, James Watson Hostel in East Perth as well as Wandana Flats in Subiaco, supporting the health care of residents.

‘We are doing nursing because we want to help people and this experience is the most I have been able to help someone,’ Ms Guy said.

‘It has given me confidence as well as nursing skills and people skills.’

The 26-year-old said taking part in the program had opened up another avenue for her. ‘I had always seen myself doing clinical nursing but this has given me another path,’ she said.

‘I have never seen people in this situation before of not being able to help themselves.’